Technical Evidence for Diagnostic Assessments

June 1, 2021


A talk for applied practitioners on how to provide robust technical evidence for assessments using diagnostic classification models.


June 9, 2021


4:00 PM – 5:30 PM


Virtual Conference


Diagnostic classification models (DCMs) have grown in popularity over the past decade. However, their adoption in applied settings, especially operational assessment programs, has been minimal to slow. One potential barrier to adoption is the technical evidence recommended for all assessments in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. Many of the methods widely used to provide evidence to meet these recommendations have implicit or explicit assumptions of a continuous unidimensional scale, such as those found in classical test theory and item response theory. In this paper, we describe how the use of a DCM impacts the type of technical evidence that should be provided for an assessment system, as well as methods for providing that evidence. An applied example from an operational assessment program that uses a DCM for reporting is provided, demonstrating how technical evidence can be provided for DCM-based assessments. We provide recommendations for other programs seeking to adopt a diagnostic assessment.

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June 1, 2021
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