About me

I was born and raised in Kansas and am a proud Jayhawk. I earned both my B.Sc. in Behavioral Neuroscience and my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Kansas. During my graduate work, I focused on educational assessment and psychometrics, following the Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics (REMS) track. While in graduate school, I worked as a research assistant at the Achievement and Assessment Institute (AAI). I now work at one of the centers within AAI, Accessible Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Systems (ATLAS), where I am a senior psychometrician working primarily on the Dynamic Learning Maps® alternate assessment.

Technical advisory committee meeting

My research focuses on using diagnostic classification models (DCMs) to understand how students learn, provide actionable feedback to teachers, and report meaningful measures of student achievement. I have written numerous publications on the use of DCMs, and have presented my research at conferences across the United States and internationally.

Conference presentation

During my time at KU and AAI, I began using the R programming language as a student, researcher, and instructor. I have developed and taught workshops on how to use R to explore data, answer questions, and write reports, both generally and within the area of educational assessment.

National Council on Measurement in Education conference

I also write R packages to increase the accessibility of R Markdown within organizations. The {ratlas} package includes R Markdown templates and custom {ggplot2} themes for writing branded reports for ATLAS. Similarly, the {jayhawkdown} package provides a template for writing dissertations and theses at the University of Kansas that meeting all formatting requirements.

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